Atlantis Exchange

December 21, 2021
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About Project:

Atlantis Exchange is a blockchain-based, high-tech and high-speed platform that allows global users to easily buy, sell, store, and earn cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT, USDC, BNB, TRX, and AC, etc., in addition to fiat money such as US dollars, based on its secured website and smart phone APPs,

As a US-based cryptocurrency exchange registered with State Government and U.S. Department of the Treasury, Atlantis Exchange supports both crypto-crypto trading and crypto-USD trading. It accepts fiat currencies via wire transfers, credit card payments and other forms of payment in exchange for cryptocurrencies. In addition to US dollars, other fiat money services will be provided later.

Atlantis Exchange provides global users with an easy to use, fast, low-cost, reliable, and secure environment for digital asset trading based on the latest MIT's blockchain technology:

1) As a market matching platform, it charges VERY COMPETITIVELY LOW transaction fees to benefit its users.

2) Meanwhile, it offers BIG rewards, bonuses and discounts to its users who have referred others to use Atlantis Exchange from time to time.

Whenever needed, Atlantis Exchange will send cryptocurrency and/or fiat money, such as US dollars, to a user's personal cryptocurrency wallet or bank account according to his/her withdrawal instructions. As required by U.S. law, Atlantis Exchange users shall complete the KYC (know-your-customer) Verification prior to withdrawal of funds from the platform.

Further, Atlantis Exchange offers the following blockchain-related products and services for individual and corporate / institutional users:

1) AtlantisCEX:     An APP used to buy, store and trade the most valuable cryptocurrencies same as the Atlantis Exchange website.

2) AtlantisWallet:   An APP that allows global customers to access to decentralized crypto APPs (DApp) using a DApp browser.

3) Atlantis MetaPay: A mobile payment and digital wallet service that allows global users to make payments in person, in iOS and/or Android apps, in metaverse, and on the Internet. It digitizes and can replace a credit or debit card chip and PIN transaction at any contactless-capable point-of-sale terminal and metaverse device worldwide.

4) Atlantis Card:     A type of credit/debit card that allows card holders to spend cryptocurrencies same as fiat currencies worldwide.

5) Atlantis Club & Mall:       A blockchain-based B2B, B2C and C2C platform for global manufacturers, dealers, retailers, cinemas, artists, actors and actresses, and individual consumers and star fans to enjoy cross-border businesses and direct payments without foreign exchange problems.

Based on 24/7/365 services without interruption or holiday pause and as the easiest to use and securest cryptocurrency exchange that provides global users with the latest-developed secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies, Atlantis Exchange welcomes users from almost all over the world and will continue to add more and more cryptocurrencies and valuable services from time to time.



Airdrop Details
Token Name: American Coin
Token Symbol: AC
Rewards: 3000 AC
Rewards (USD): $3000
Referral Rewards: 3. Levels
Distribution Time: Instant
Summary: Atlantis Exchange is a blockchain-based, high-tech and high-speed platform ...
Step by Step:

1. Create an account on Atlantiscex.
2. You will receive 3000 AC tokens.
3. Also, share your referral link and get more AC tokens for free.

Contact Information
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