Bunny Defi

September 21, 2021
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About Project:

Bunny is a new style decentralized exchange platform. This incredible altcoin project backed by coin ventures.

It’s actually solving a lot of the problems that decentralized exchange platform face same with automated market makers balancer for example face a lot of issues with slippage now. This is where a pmm or a proactive market marker comes in and this is exactly what bunny does.

We’ll talk more of that in details how really all of that works. What the bunny will do is it will allow liquidity with the same low fees as centralized exchanges on a decentralized exchange platform. This is why binance smart chain bsc is adding them.

BUNNY is owned and operated by its community as a decentralized autonomous organization . The Bunny Protocol is governed via a democratic and transparent voting system which allows all stakeholders to get involved and shape Bunny’s future.

BUNNY’s decentralized exchange product suite consists of SmartTrade trading and aggregation, Swap , Staking and Liquidity Mining (which include liquidity mining, trading mining, and combiner harvest mining). It is integrated with various wallet applications through which users can interact with the platform.

Follow for the most interesting things about bunny !!! Coming soon !!!


Airdrop Details
Token Name: Bunny Defi
Token Symbol: BUN
Rewards: 5 BUN
Rewards (USD): $10
Referral Rewards: 0.15
Distribution Time: 180 days
Token Type: BEP20
Contract Adress: 0x5c8111c3bcb0cc02acf50bc8676d4aa1bc017607
KYC: Yes
Summary: Bunny is a new style decentralized exchange platform. This incredible ...
Step by Step:

1. Create an account at Bunny Defi.
2. Complete your KYC verification.
3. You will get 5 BUN coins if you’ve signed up using the above referral link.
4. The rewards will be locked for 180 days in the Confectionery program but you will automatically earn 69% interest during this time.
5. Share your referral link to get 0.15 BUN for each referral.You enjoy 3% referral profit buy Pre-sale.

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