Elastic BNB

September 21, 2021
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About Project:

XBN’s mission is powering the next big things on Binance Smart Chain. At its core, XBN is running by complex multi-million USD AI bot system to balancing its trading pools to optimize return for holders. When investing into XBN, you are investing into the whole sophisticated ecosystem, which reduces risk of your altcoin portfolio.

As a trading instrument, XBN has many advantages, own XBN you can catch the hype of BNB’s price growth, but also reduce the risk when BNB takes quick dive because of smart pooling technology built by XBN.


Airdrop Details
Token Name: Elastic BNB
Token Symbol: XBN
Rewards: Random XBN
Rewards (USD): $10
Referral Rewards: 0.5 XBN
Distribution Time: Instant
Token Type: BEP20
Contract Adress: 0x547cbe0f0c25085e7015aa6939b28402eb0ccdac
Summary: XBN’s mission is powering the next big things on Binance Smart Chain. At ...
Step by Step:

1. Copy link - https://www.xbn.finance/xbn/airdrop/?r=0xDfFa5c1c1Af1d1ae962F0E5742d16b190F49CF0a
2. Open Elastic BNB in your wallet (Trustwallet, Metamask, etc.). Use BSC Network.
3. Click on “Get Random XBN”. You must pay small fee in BNB.
4. You will receive instantly a random reward in XBN!
5. Copy contract adress and submit in your wallet.
6. Also, share your referral link and get more XBN for each referral.

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