February 6, 2022
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About Project:

Honeygain is an app that allows companies to use your connection. Businesses can use your internet through Honeygain's proxy network for various uses.

So, for every 10 MB of data you share, you'll earn 1 credit. To get paid, you need to save 20,000 credits, which equates to $20. So, Honeygain pays you $1 per 10 GB of data used. The company also pays six credits per hour that content delivery is active (we'll come to that later).

In 2020, companies spent at least $332 billion on digital ads. By 2024, that's expected to grow up to $526 billion. With the amount spent on digital ads, companies need to ensure their ad spend isn't wasted.

Ad verification helps companies track their ads. They use Honeygain's network to look through petabytes of data online. Through the proxy network, those companies can track their ads. They can ensure the advertising agency displays its ads correctly on a legitimate site.

Counterfeit items have always been a problem–and it has expanded along with the growth of eCommerce. That's why major brands need to trawl the internet continuously to fight back.

However, doing this requires tremendous amounts of resources. You would need servers, gigabit internet, and more. Smaller brands and businesses cannot afford this.

With Honeygain, they don't have to invest millions of dollars of hardware and expertise. They can protect their business by using the app's extensive network at a fraction of the price.


Airdrop Details
Token Name: JumpToken
Token Symbol: JMPT
Rewards: 5$ + Daily rewards in JMPT
Rewards (USD): $5
Referral Rewards: 10% of referral earnings
Distribution Time: Instant
Token Type: BEP20
Contract Adress: 0x88d7e9b65dc24cf54f5edef929225fc3e1580c25
Summary: Honeygain is an app that allows companies to use your connection. ...
Step by Step:

1. Register on Honeygain - https://r.honeygain.me/GABRI44C9D and verify your email.
2. You will receive 5$ bonus.
3. Download app - https://www.honeygain.com/download/ for your device and login.
4. You can add up to 10 devices.
5. Also, you can enable JumpTasks to receive 50% bonus of your earnings.
6.If you enable Jumptasks, submit your BEP20 address (Metamask, Trustwallet) and go to https://app.jumptask.io/. From there, you can withdraw your rewards in JMPT.

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