May 16, 2022
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About Project:

MOBIX incentivises every person in the world to use sustainable her-emission mobility. Whether you use or provide micromobility services or offer infrastructure for micromobility, with MOBIX you can earn rewards or incentivise usage of your services.

Urban transportation, mobility of human beings and the delivery of goods, requires millions of transactions every day. By incentivising both, suppliers and consumers of micromobility services, to actively and permanently participate in the ecosystem in their respective metropolitan area, MOBIX provides the foundation for a sustainable growth of a decentralised social system and helps to improve quality of life in urban areas.

As a MOBIX user, you can earn MOBIX Miles for a bunch of different micromobility-related activities that will be converted into MOBX Reward Tokens, airdropped to your MOBIX Wallets. Activities include – amongst others – the use of scooters, bikes, mopeds, cargo bikes, miniEVs. Even simple walking instead of using a car will earn you MOBIX Miles, and, consequently, MOBX tokens.

MOBX tokens power the work of Autonomous Agents, i.e.  they facilitate the communication between the MOBIX Marketplace users; s.a. search & find, reserve and book micromobility services and infrastructure offerings. Autonomous Marketing Agents will be fed with MOBX tokens in order to allow for a privacy-preserving, contextualised way of promoting goods and services. Some fraction of the marketplace fees and Autonomous Marketing Agents fees is used to buy back MOBX and burn.


Airdrop Details
Token Name: Mobix Token
Token Symbol: MOBX
Rewards: 5
Rewards (USD): $5
Referral Rewards: 1 MOBX
Distribution Time: Instant
Token Type: Fetch.Ai Token
Summary: MOBIX incentivises every person in the world to use ...
Step by Step:

1. Download app and create a wallet.
2. Backup your receovery phrase.
3. Click on Start Trip Earn.
4. Share your referral link and get 1 MOBX token.

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