Stay Safe

If you are new to crypto world? So  following our instructions! Crypto world is full of scammers trying to steal your private keys and cryptocurrency funds. To avoid getting scammed or hacked, Read the instructions below..

Stay safe in the crypto world

1. Never share your wallet’s Private Key with anyone.

If someone is asking for your private key, they are trying to steal from you.

Don’t save the key in a file online. Don’t make screenshots and send it around. Don’t leave it in a “privatekey.txt” on your computer. Save it offline — on paper — and store it in a safe place. Or, even better, use a hardware wallet. Also, be careful when pasting your wallet address around. We’ve seen cases where people unintentionally sent the wrong info — the key instead of the address. Your address is ok to use publicly (and you have to share it in order to receive coins and tokens), your private key is not.

2. Always use unique and strong passwords.

Don’t use same password on all the sites. Scammers will try password to steal your money from exchanges or other sites…

“Activate 2-factor-authentication whenever possible!”

3. Do not send ETH or BTC to any airdrop.

Many of scammers make google airdrop forms and fake project sites. They will tell you send ETH or other currency to get more tokens. So be careful of this type of scam. Never send any ETH or BTC on any airdrops. The Real Airdrops never tell you send ETH or BTC. Be aware of frauds.

4. Check correct url on whenever you login Myetherwallet.

Original myetherwallet url is But scammers create same design on myetherwallet site and also fake domain like myetherwallet’t’.com or etc.. when you enter private key to that sites, your money will be stoled immediately. So be careful.

5. Don’t trade your coins on unknown (or) new exchanges.

Nowadays many scam exchanges are running now. So don’t trust unknown exchanges. Only trade listed exchanges. Also don’t trade directly on third parties from any social media.