Wizzle Infinity

Wizzle Infinity airdrops is giving WZI tokens in collaboration with Ternion Exchange and Exchangedrop.com. Wizzle Infinity is airdropping 500 WZI tokens (~$7) to airdrop participants. ICO price: 1 WZI = 0.01 EUR

wissle infinity airdrops

Tokens per Airdrop: 💥500 WZI

Value : $7

Blockchain: 🏦ETH

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Not yet!

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Wizzle Infinity is a bonus point to use with WIZZLE banking services. The WIZZLE banking solutions make cryptocurrencies acceptable for all financial transactions in your daily life, in online shops, at points of sale, for remittances and for ATM operations as well as exchanges. 

Wizzle is first and foremost a platform that cryptocurrency traders can use to sell and buy tokens with methods of payment that are common on the net. The platform hopes to use the blockchain technology to gain global trust as a service provider which is superior to all other current platforms. The creators of Wizzle are highly focused on creating a local presence to demonstrate their importance. Besides giving their users the ability to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens, Wizzle also offers local training and consulting. Support and services will be offered through local franchises around the world which will accommodate those who need help in their native language.

Steps to Claim Wissle infinity airdrops

  1. Register on Ternion Exchange.  
  2. Use your Ternion ID to submit Wizzle Infinity airdrop form on Exchangedrop.com
  3. Verify your email.
  4. Follow the socials of ExchangeDrop: Telegram, Twitter and Facebook to get updates on airdrop (not mandatory).

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Project Overview

Website: wizzle.io

ICO price: 1 WZI = 0.01 EUR

Ticker: WZI

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Wizzle Infinity
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