About us

We are a small but cohesive team who prides ourselves on maximum responsiveness and fair access to our platform users. We come from different parts of the world and different fields. However, our goal is the same – to support newly created startups, to provide you place to share referral links, new crypto airdrops, faucets, bounty campaigns and other crypto opportunities. At the same time, you will find thousands of interesting crypto airdrops on AirdropsMarket and you can earn amazing rewards in crypto tokens.

AirdropsMarket users and followers are not only a source of money for us, but also members of our community, people, equal business partners as evidenced by the whole concept on which airdrex is built.

We believe that every good idea, startup, or technology deserves support and that is what we are trying to deliver through what we know best – marketing and business. We love cryprocurrency and airdrops, therefore concept of airdrex is based on these tools and ideas.

We strive to continuously develop and improve our services and platform so  you have the best possible comfort and enjoy your experience.


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