Grindery Latest Airdrop

Grindery Latest Airdrop

Grindery is a company supported by Binance (Labs S4) with a focus on developing blockchain projects and products since 2018. Their offerings include a self-custodial EVM Smart Wallet for Telegram, aiming to create a seamless and integrated commerce experience within the platform.

Grindery is a self-custodial EVM Smart Wallet for Telegram. Chat with their Telegram bot and complete easy social tasks to earn free G1 tokens. Participants can exchange G1 for GX tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Chat with the Grindery Telegram bot.
  2. Accept the terms and create your wallet.
  3. You will receive 100 G1 for just signing up.
  4. Now visit the Grindery Buzz Telegram bot and complete the social tasks.
  5. Click on “Earn” and find different ways to earn free G1 tokens.
  6. Setup your X account details by submitting your handle details.
  7. Earn 300 G1 tokens for following Grindery on X. You can earn additional G1 for liking and reposting their tweet.
  8. 280,000,000 of the token supply is reserved for the airdrop.
  9. You can also invite your friends to earn 200 G1 tokens for each referral.
  10. You can start claiming and converting your G1 tokens for GX tokens once you have earned 1,000 G1 tokens.
  11. For more details about the airdrop, visit this official reward page.

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