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Oasis AI revolutionizes AI integration, bridging the gap between decentralized compute and AI to enable users to contribute unused compute power and earn $OAI tokens with just a few clicks! 💻

Step into the future and get ahead of the curve in the AI revolution to unlock its potential, and start earning $OAI tokens, transforming your contributions into a powerhouse of earnings! 💰💰💰

About Oasis AI

Oasis AI emerges as an innovative omnichannel AI network, seamlessly connecting compute providers, AI model users, and enterprise clients through decentralized compute integration, facilitating efficient access to cutting-edge AI models, and optimizing cost-effective inference.

Whether you’re seeking to utilize AI models, contribute compute resources, and/or implement enterprise-grade AI solutions, Oasis AI offers a complete ecosystem tailored to your AI needs.

With a steadfast dedication to democratizing AI, Oasis AI is leading the charge in transforming AI integration and accessibility, thereby molding the future of the industry for generations to come.

Step by step guide Oasis AI Airdrop

Step by step guide Oasis AI Airdrop

  1. Register for an Oasis AI account and verify your email.
  2. Add the Oasis AI Extension to your Chrome browser, and enable the three requires Chrome Flags. The extension will link you directly to what you need to change (How to use).
  3. Once set up, you’re connected and can passively provide compute without further action.Explore AI services such as chat assistants, image generators, and speech-to-text models.

* Points are earned by connecting to the network and utilizing unused GPU and CPU resources to power supported AI models, leading to $OAI token rewards post TGE, upon the Mainnet release.

⚠️ The $OAI token is NOT yet liveFollow @OasisAI and join the community on Discord for updates❗️

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Disclaimer: This content is for educational and informational purposes only and not financial advice. Conduct thorough research before making any deposit/investment decisions (DYOR).

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to become a provider on the Oasis network?

To contribute to the Oasis network you will need to have a GPU and latency that meets our benchmarking. You can benchmark your GPU through our extension to find out if you’re computer meets our standards. Most Apple M chip computers, and Nvidia 2+ series graphics cards are acceptable.

When is Oasis launching?

Expect to see more updates soon. Stay tuned to our twitter @OasisAI.

Do I need to be native to web3 to use Oasis?

No, Oasis welcomes all demographics of users and does not require any sort of web3 knowledge to sign up, become a provider, or interact with models.

How is Oasis different than other distributed compute networks?

Oasis is a consumer friendly distributed compute network that is designed to meet the immense demand for open source model inference. The Oasis application layer connects providers to consumers with an optimized experience for running curated open-source models. Oasis has a highly efficient provider onboarding process, and a user friendly client side that eliminates the need for additional infrastructure development.

Join Oasis today and gain access to powerful AI models

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